Teresa J. Taylor

MPhil in Political Science

Welcome, everyone! I am a 2nd year MPhil student and I study the effect that corporate gender quotas have on public opinion in Germany. I grew up in Germany, but did my undergrad in the US after a brief stint in South Africa. I love meeting people from all over and deeply value a good community. In my free time, well, I run this MCR. If you do not find me in the tower (where I live) or the Octagon, I am most likely out rowing, in one of Oxford’s magnificent libraries, or a pub. It is my goal to visit all of them before I leave (both libraries and pubs, obviously).

As president, I am responsible for the smooth running of the committee and for the representation of the MCR within College and to the University. I look forward to seeing/meeting you all!

Also pictured: Simpkin IV, our College cat.



Matthew Bowen

DPhil in Chemical Biology

Hi, I’m Matthew, the interim secretary for the MCR. I am a first year DPhil student in chemical biology, working on exploring and inhibiting nucleases for cancer therapeutics.

My role involves helping the administrative side of committee business and helping ensure the general smooth running of the MCR over the holiday period. I’m a keen badminton player and runner but can equally be tempted by a good bottle of red with friends!



Thibault Jouen-Tachoire

DPhil in Pharmacology

Hello! I’m Thibault, a 2nd year DPhil in Pharmacology student researching the pathological mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases. I am excited to be the Hertford MCR Treasurer for the year 2021-2022. Briefly, I am responsible for the smooth and transparent financial operation of the MCR. I establish the termly budgets and battels, as well as manage the grants available to MCR members and the charity donations. Importantly, I also coordinate with the committee to optimise our budget, so that we can sustainably fund and organise as many events, projects and initiatives as we wish to!

Outside from re-enacting Breaking Bad scenes in the lab (with varying success), I enjoy walks in the many parks around Oxford and trying out new brunch places in town! For our new members, welcome to the MCR! I hope you will have an amazing year, and experience how lively and friendly the MCR community is, from chilling in the Octagon to discussing very intellectual topics (or not) during welfare teas. Looking forward to meet you all in Michaelmas around a good ol’ pint of pango!


Academic Affairs Rep.

Michael Cerny

MPhil in Political Science

My name is Michael, and I’m a second-year MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) student in the Department of Politics and International Relations. I am from the United States, which is where I studied for my bachelor’s degree. My research interests are in comparative political economy and the politics of authoritarian rule.  

I am passionate about academic research and love learning about the research of Hertford students in different disciplines. As interim academic affairs representative, I oversee the organization of Hertford MCR’s academic soirées, which gives postgraduates the opportunity to present and discuss their research. In my free time, I enjoy reading, taking walks in Oxford, and playing boardgames.


Social Secretary

Louise Sodergren

MPhil in Economics

I am a second year MPhil in Economics student with a passion for anything creative! I usually start my day by coxing our wonderful rowing team which is swiftly followed by crunching some numbers and evaluating models. By the end of the day there is nothing I love more than a social! From black tie formals, sports teams activities to getting involved with local businesses, or even just sitting down for a chat with some friends, engaging with our fantastic community is what makes the Oxford experience special. I want everyone to feel this way about their time here and so I am committed to organising as many unique, varied and accessible events as possible! 2021-2022 here we come!



Ahmed Alhussni


Hi! My name is Ahmed and I’m a final year medical student here at Hertford. As your Steward I will be organising the classic Hertford MCR formal dinners that we all love, as well as exchange dinners at other colleges.


Bar Manager

Will Wright

MPhil in History

I’m Will, one of the two Bar Managers for our MCR this year and a member of the Events team. I am a first year MPhil student studying medieval Scandinavia.

My role in the MCR is to help our fantastic events team plan and run events for MCR members and guests throughout the year, and to make sure our closet of wine never runs too low. Outside of committee work, you can find me around the MCR reading and chatting with friends, or wandering somewhere outside on a hike or my bike.


Bar Manager

Floris Riemen

MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies 

Hello! My name is Floris and I’m the MCR’s bar manager for this year together with Will. I’m a first (and final) year MSc student in Contemporary Chinese Studies. All my previous studies were completed either in the Netherlands or China.

In the role as bar manager, I’m responsible for helping to organize social events and keep the term card full and busy. Together with the rest of the socials team I’ll try to make sure that this year there will be events that suit everybody’s needs all the while providing plenty of food & drinks. If you see me standing behind the bar during one of the MCR parties don’t be afraid to come and say hi, there is plenty of chatting time between pouring drinks. 



Emma Ford

DPhil in Environmental Research

Hello! My name is Emma and I am a DPhil student in Environmental Research at Hertford College. This is my second year at Hertford, as I also studied for my MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management last year. I am passionate about Hertford and ensuring the MCR community has opportunities to meet and relax together.

Apart from academics, I love more than anything to plan and host social events for Hertford MCR members. From a ‘Wine and Cheese’ to ‘Oxmas’ and summer parties, I am always thinking about exciting event opportunities and creative themed parties we can all enjoy together and have lots of fun!

Come and find me in the MCR for a chat and watch out for some new events coming up this year!


Welfare Officer

Guopeng Chen

DPhil in Archaeology

Hello, I’m Guopeng and I’m a first-year DPhil student in Archaeology. I will be the MCR Welfare Officer for the 2021-22 academic year. Oxford is a fantastic place, but many can find it a bit stressful at times. I am always here for a nice chat or a cup of tea if you have any problems, or you need any welfare supplies. If necessary, I can also guide you to professional help both at a college and university level.
You can find me easily via email and you may also find me in various badminton events. Feel free to come to any of our welfare events (or play badminton with me) and talk to me if you need any help!


Food & Housing Officer

Penny Hyde

DPhil in Chemistry

Hello! My name is Penny and I’m entering the second year of my DPhil studying the exotic magnetism of novel layered bimetallic chalcogenide compounds. This will be my seventh year in Oxford, having done my undergraduate degree also at Hertford. My job as Food and Housing Officer is to organise the housing ballot, deal with any problems or suggestions regarding college food/accommodation and look after the facilities in the MCR tea room.

Outside of the DPhil, I row for Hertford’s boat club – something I’ve done since my undergrad and am the incoming President. I’ve also previously been part of the university Powerlifting Club and can often be found in the gym when not in a boat or in the lab. Besides sport I enjoy baking up a storm in the kitchen or heading to Port Meadow for some dog spotting.


Charities, Communities, and Environment Rep.

Caroline Black

MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management

My name is a Caroline and I’m happy to be the Charities, Communities, and Environment Rep! This term, I’m hoping to bridge the information gap and highlight some of the great sustainability work that the College is doing. I’m also interested in engaging the MCR with local climate initiatives. I’m keen to hear your input regarding which charities you’d like to support with your charity levy.

On a personal note, I’m from Washington, DC in the US and am studying for an MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management.  I enjoy long walks in Port Meadow, cooking with friends, and attending MCR events :)


Queer and Women’s Officer

Anna Haj Lyngholm Andersen

MSt in Korean Studies

Hello! My name is Anna and I am doing my MSt degree in Korean studies. My main research interests are Korean feminism, gender quality, and violence against women, but I also love languages and spend a lot of my time studying Japanese. I’m from Denmark, which is where I did my undergraduate degree. 

As Queer and Women’s Officer it’s my job to represent the queer community and all who identity as female at Hertford. My aim is to make sure the Hertford MCR is an inclusive and fair space, where everyone is treated with respect and care. As a member of the queer community, I hope to serve as a resource of support to those who need it.

I am always available for a talk for anyone who is experiencing any difficulties at Hertford, you can usually find me studying in the Octagon but you’re also welcome to send me an email.


Equalities Rep.

Theo Hickfang

MPhil in Political Theory

Hello! I’m Theo and I’m happy to be one of your interim equalities representatives. I’m a second year MPhil student in Political Theory. As an equalities representative I aim to make our college a fairer and more inclusive place. You can come to me if you experience difficulties, hardship or discrimination, especially if due to age, gender, faith, disability, race, sexual orientation or your financial situation. I’ll do my best to help you in your particular circumstances and, more generally, I will try to raise the structural reasons for these issues in the relevant committee meetings to help improve our college. I’m looking forward to talking to you at one of our MCR-events and want to encourage you particularly to engage in those which are related to equality issues. Make your voices heard!


Equalities Rep.

Amber Truepenny

DPhil in Chemistry

As one of the Equalities reps, I am responsible for representing the needs and views of Hertford students across the range of equality themes; Disability, Gender, Transgender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion and Beliefs. My aim is to make sure students from all backgrounds (over the range of equality themes but also including students from deprived areas/disadvantaged backgrounds) feel welcome at Hertford MCR.

I am studying for a DPhil in ‘Chemistry in Cells’ at the Old Road Campus and currently live in the Jericho area if anyone would like to meet for a socially distanced coffee to discuss any issues they want to raise. In my free time I play ice-hockey and love reading and musicals!

Please feel free to contact me about any issues surrounding equality or more general ways the MCR can help everyone in these challenging times.


Equalities Rep.

Sarah Miller

MSt in English (1830-1914)

I’m Sarah, and I’m doing an MSt in Victorian literature at Hertford this year. I’m also one of the Equalities reps! As part of that, I’m available to chat with anyone in the MCR around any issues you might have related to equality – whether that’s to do with gender, race, faith, disability, sexuality, trans experiences, harassment or sexual violence of any kind, or anything else. I’m keen to make sure every Hertford student feels as safe, as included, and as happy as possible during their time here, so do feel free to email or message me if you’d like to chat! As an Equalities team, we’ll be working on different projects throughout the year, including hosting some events that we’d love you all to come to. If there are any initiatives or events you’d like us to put on, please just drop one of us a message!

Outside my role as Equalities rep, I enjoy getting involved on other committees, including helping to run the English Graduate conference this year. At the moment, I’m also the Disability Officer on the ‘It Happens Here’ campaign around sexual violence – so feel free to reach out to me in that capacity as well! My spare time is typically filled with lots of reading, lots of long walks, and an occasional bit of gymnastics with the university team when I have the time.

Best wishes,




Sports Rep.

Simon Martina-Perez

DPhil in Mathematics

Hello, I’m Simon and I am the MCR sports representative! In my role as sports rep, I am responsible for organising and promoting MCR sport-related activities and for organising the allocation of the Sports Fund. In a busy place like Oxford, all of us can benefit from doing sports. I’m convinced that everyone can find a sport of their liking in Oxford at their level of commitment, ability and experience through the many sports teams at the university. I am very happy to introduce MCR members toward the appropriate clubs, or to take them along on any MCR activities if they want to try things out!

Privately, I am a DPhil student in mathematics and a keen cyclist and rower. I love getting out early in the morning before work for a cycle or to be out on the water, nothing beats a sunrise on the Isis! If you have questions about sports-related activities let me know!


Arts Rep.

Vitek Ruzicka

DPhil in Computer Science

Hi, I’m Vitek! I am a DPhil student in Computer Science with a passion in Arts – namely photography and AI art. I am originally from Czech Republic and have travelled around the world. I have worked on research at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, at ETH Zurich and as an art teacher at University of the Arts in London. Recently, I am doing AI research with space data (aka remote sensing) in the FDL program. I like board games, books and absurd plays. One day, I hope to create an Oxford AI Arts society.



A big thank you to our wonderful interim officers, Jamie Bourne, Sam Greene, and Henrik Tiemroth, who volunteered their time and energy over the summer to organize out-of-term and Fresher’s week events. We could not have done it without you!