Congratulations and Welcome!


We are very excited to welcome you at the beginning of next term. The preparations for Fresher’s Week, a three week period of events at the beginning of term, are well underway. After a difficult year of Covid restrictions, we are all keen to experience many ‘firsts’ with you, and you might find many second-years discovering College life along-side you.

The MCR exists as a social and academic hub for graduate students at Hertford. We will support you throughout your studies and hopefully enrich your experience of Oxford. The MCR functions foremost as a social hub for graduates – we eat (and drink) together and often live together. This fosters a strong sense of community in College. The friendships we make here often last long after we will leave Oxford. We hold a number of  events throughout the academic year to get you out of labs, libraries and offices. These are organized by students, for students. If you would like to get involved, you can run for a Committee position in Michaelmas term. The MCR is a great communal space to meet the people, either way. 

Take a look around this website to get to know us a little, and if you have not already, join our Facebook group. One thing I certainly had to get used to is how many organizations in Oxford use Facebook to stay connected. This is not mandatory, but I quickly caved and created an account to stay up to date. You might want to consider doing the same.

See you soon!