Table Tennis

andy_TTThe MCR has a table-tennis table! You can find it sitting in the corner of the Grad Centre common room.

Feel free to use it but read the following information carefully first.

  • Obviously before playing, roll the table to somewhere where you’ll have plenty of space.
  • Each half of the table has a red plastic tab thing near the centre which you will see. To open that side of the table, slide the red tab upwards before pulling that side down. (Repeat for the other side.)
  • The net will flip up into place of its own accord when you unfold the table, so don’t worry about removing or attaching it. You may need to pull the corners of the table by the net up for them to click into place. You can move the net up or down by turning the red dials under the net posts on either side.
  • Please do not sit on the table or hit it with a bat, even if you missed a really good shot. Also please don’t put any food or drink on it – the JCR one has suffered from TT_sleepingthis and it’s disgusting.
  • To fold the table back up, find the red tab again and slide it up before folding that side of the table up.
  • Please wheel it back to its home in the corner of the room.
  • We are explicitly requesting that nobody play beer pong (or any non-table-tennis games) on the table-tennis table, however great the temptation. The normal tables are still in the room and are much less hassle to prepare (although of course, they still need to be cleaned if used)!
  • If there are any problems with the table, please contact the Sports Officer, or the Food & Housing Officer.