MCR Football

DSC_0259-720x480You never played football but you’re curious to start? You were playing in premier league but then you were bored of that much money and started studying in Hertford? In both cases you’re more than welcome to join the team!

The MCR is always looking for new players each year due to the high student turnover so please do give it a go! We aim to train once a week by playing 5-a-side and matches are almost always Saturday mornings at 10:30. Matches always take place in Oxford so you’ve never got far to15369289_10155440315882004_5360013193468980945_oo go; home fixtures are played at Hertford sport grounds and away fixtures at the respective opponent college.

For any information on how to get involved do send a message to the captain of the team!




Contact the 17/18 MCR Football team captain: