Of all the opportunities that Oxford offers to you, sport is one of the most varied that you can take part in. There isn’t really a sport that you could name that isn’t practiced at some level somewhere in Oxford, from the rowing that goes all the way up to the Blues level, down to the tiddlywinks club that exists somewhere out there in Oxford. The University really does have every sport imaginable, and of course during freshers week they are all at the freshers fair to let you know they are there!

© Fabian Joncza

The great thing about Oxford is that for a lot of the more popular sports, where you think that you wouldn’t be able to compete on a university level, there is the college system. Rugby, Football, Rowing, Cricket, and many other sports all have thriving college leagues, with Hertford having 3 or 4 football teams alone. These are a great way for you to get involved with a sport on a more casual basis, and you can take it as seriously or casually as possible. Most of all, as with all university sport, it is about getting involved. Uni sport exists to get people started and you will never be in a position such as this where you have clubs dedicated to taking novice sportspeople and introducing them to sports, so no matter what your level, even if you have never practiced a sport, go and give it a go!