MCR Taxi

The aim of the MCR Taxi Service is to keep Members safe at night and to aid them in receiving medical care.

To use this service, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Only Full or Associate Members may use this service.
  2. Members may only travel by themselves unless travelling to see a medical professional in which case the Member may be accompanied by one additional person.
  3. The trip must be booked via the College Lodge. The journey must be recorded in the MCR Taxi Book by the Porter on duty.
  4. The trip must be between 9pm and 6am, unless travelling to see a medical professional in which case this service may be used at all times.
  5. The journey must only be between College Properties, Health Care Centres. See the list below for pre-approved locations.
  6. The service may be used up to four times a term per Member. Any additional journeys will be battelled directly to the Member.
  7. If these conditions are not met then the trip will be battelled at full cost to the Member who booked the journey.
  8. Exceptions to these conditions can be made on an individual basis, subject to an application to the Committee, which will outline the reasons for the individual exception. This application must be approved at a Committee meeting before the journey takes place. The College Nurse may also request an exemption for a Member to use this service without the need for a Committee decision.
  9. The Committee reserves the right to battel any Member who is suspected of having misused this service.

Pre-approved locations:

1) College Main Site
2) Warnock House
3) Graduate Centre
4) Abingdon House
5) 204 Woodstock Road
6) 57 Banbury Road
7) 59 Banbury Road
8) 189 Banbury Road
9) 214B Banbury Road
10) 29 Leckford Road
11) The Graduate Centre
12) Warnock House
13) 3 Western Road
14) 4 Western Road
15) 34 Western Road
16) 96 Abingdon Road
17) 28 Beaumont Street
18) John Radcliffe Hospital
19) Churchill Hospital
20) Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
21) East Oxford Health Centre
22) 8 Winchester Road
23) 9 Winchester Road
24) 10 Winchester Road
25) Any private residence registered with the MCR Committee and the Lodge. Maximum one residence registered per Member.

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