College Welfare Support

  • College Welfare Page:

On the college welfare page you can find all the information about the medical and mental support the college offers.

  • College Doctors:

The College Doctors are Dr Chloe Borton, Dr Clare Stephenson and Dr Matthew Easdale and the will accept any member of the college who wants to register with them at their surgery 28 Beaumont Street. Registration with the college doctors happens in college on the Saturday of 0th Week in Michaelmas term.
The college doctor holds a surgery in the Nurse’s office on Tuesday between 12.00 and 13.00. Choose an appointment by emailing the Nurse, phoning her on (2)79401, or phoning the doctor’s surgery on 01865 311811.

  • College Nurse:

The college Nurse, Yo Davies, is able to help with minor illnesses and some minor psychological problems.
The Nurse holds an “open” surgery in her medical room NB1/3 (please check the main Welfare page for times). These are “walk in” sessions, while individual appointments can be booked at other times by emailing or telephoning her.
Yo is able to offer Cognitive therapy and Problem Solving therapy to a limited number of students. If you would like to discuss this, please make an appointment.
The Nurse will also visit students who are ill and confined to bed, provided the Lodge is informed by 10.30 (Lodge Phone (2)79400).

To contact the College Nurse, phone (2)79401 or email

  • College Peer Supporters:

Hertford has an “in house” peer-support team. These students are trained in active listening skills and have regular supervision. They provide a confidential service to Hertford students. They can provide information about where to get further help. The list of the current peer supporters is available here.
The MCR also has a welfare officer that you can contact if you’re looking for help.

  • Food intolerance:

Students with food intolerances of any sort should contact the college nurse so that she can liaise with the kitchen. If you have a food allergy please check the illustrated allergen sheet that appears directly above the weekly menu poster outside the Hall server and next to the weekly menu in Warnock. This sheet is filled out before each meal by the kitchen staff and indicates which potential allergens are in each menu item. Please ask the servery staff if you have any questions regarding allergen content.
If you have an “Epipen” auto injector , please check that it is in date and that you carry it with you at all times.


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