IT Facilities

MCR Computer Room and printing facilities

The MCR computer room, located in NB7, houses a large collection of computers on the Hertford network. All of these computers currently run Microsoft Windows 7. Every member of the MCR has an account to access these computers which is the Single Sign-On (SSO) account used to access all IT services of the University including your University email.

Printing and scanning facilities are also available in the MCR computer room.

Printing charges:

  • BW prints are charged £0.05/sheet (both single sided or double sided).
  • Color prints cost £0.10/sheet (both single or double).

Printing expenses are charged termly in your battels.

Additional computing and printing facilities can also be found at the Graduate Centre although these are not exclusively for MCR use.

More information is available on the college website. There are detailed guides to printing in the computer room.

Need help?

Your primary contact for basic help with computing problems and internet connection in college is the Computer Clerk. Please let the Computer Clerk know of any problems you have with college computers, from the trivial (“the printers are out of paper”) to the more exciting (“the computer just burst into flames”). Additionally, if you have any suggestions on new computing facilities within the MCR contact the clerk!
In case of urgent need and if you’re unable to contact the MCR Computer Clerk you can drop a line to the College IT office or go in person to the office which is situated in the basement of OB1 (north-west corner of the main college quad).

Whenever reporting any problem with IT equipment and computers please try to be more detailed as possible describing what were you using (what computer, scanner, printer), what caused the problem and what happened. Include if possible the exact wording of any error message.

The preferred way to report problems is by e-mail to the Computer Clerk. If the fault involves the e-mail system, then please leave a note in the Computer Clerk’s pigeon hole or contact the College IT office. Please use e-mail to report problems whenever possible!

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