Safety Rules and Contacts

Safety is largely a matter of respect and common sense, however a few points are worth noting:

    • If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediately, even if you suspect that the alarm is false. Failure to vacate the building will result in delays and fines. Once you have left the building, please assemble at the Fire Assembly Point indicated on your room door. At the Graduate Centre, this is the East Parking Lot, and for the houses it is usually the front garden.
    • Fire alarms are extremely sensitive to smoke. Please try to avoid burning food in the kitchens, especially in the Graduate Centre, where the alarms are particularly sensitive. If you do burn something (e.g. toast), do not open the kitchen door, as the alarms in the corridor will sound. Use the kitchen fans and windows to ventilate smoke.
    • Do not burn candles anywhere in College housing.
    • Do not smoke in any college building.
    • Keep outside doors at houses locked at all times. Please ensure that the gate at the Graduate Centre is closed behind you, and that all common room doors are locked and secure at all times. Thefts have occurred in the past, and must be avoided wherever possible. Please report any theft to the Dean (telephone 279448).
    • Do not let anyone into college buildings unless you know them.
    • Please ensure that you clean up after yourself. This applies to all parts of the MCR, including the NB7 kitchen and Octagon, as well as your common rooms and kitchens in halls. As well, please ensure that you clean up any mess left from parties (including vomit – kits for removing vomit may be obtained from the Lodge) as failure to do so results in a fine.

Scouts and Housekeepers

The Housekeepers and Scouts for College Housing are as follows:

Please make the Scouts’ and Housekeepers’ jobs as easy as possible by being courteous and respectful at all times, and by cleaning up after yourself. Also, please do not attempt to contact the housekeepers outside of their office hours, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Who to Contact for Assistance

    • The MCR Food and Housing Officer can offer advice or advocacy on any of matter and is a first point of contact regarding any issues. The Food and Housing Officer is also responsible for the Housing Ballot and room allocation for returning students; these take place in Trinity term.
    • Junior Deans and more generally the whole college Welfare Team are the primary contact for most problems of a personal nature or for any disciplinary matter.
    • The Housing Manager for the College is Jane Preedy. She may be contacted regarding general maintenance and housekeeping queries and concerns. She might be contacted also for room allocation questions.
    • The Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, and can be reached on 279400. They can provide assistance on a variety of matters, and can provide useful information such as the telephone numbers of doctors’ surgeries.

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