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There are only three single student rooms available to MCR members in College, and two of these are reserved for committee members—one for the MCR President, and one for the Computer Clerk. The main advantage to living in College is that everything is so darn close. Never again should you have to worry about trudging up to a Hertford bop in the wind and rain. The Tea Room, Octagon and MCR computer room are all just a few steps away. On the flip side, you are in College, so those looking for seclusion are unlikely to find it here. The tiny kitchen and bathroom in NB7 will never be too private; expect to find your plates turning up in the Tea Room! Meanwhile, the Computer Clerk shares facilities with hordes of unwashed, food-stealing masses (AKA undergrads).

Location Facilities
NB7 Ground Floor Computer Room
NB7 First Floor The Octagon; The Tea Room (basic kitchen facilities); toilet & basin.
NB7 Second Floor Small kitchen; bathroom (toilet, bath & shower); lockers are inside the bathroom.
OB1 Second floor Tiny kitchen; toilet with basin; shower.
ROom  Size   View Light Furniture Comments
NB7.2 M/L 2nd floor, facing west. View of Broad St, Old & New Bodleian. Large bay window. Very good. Old but decent. Built in wardrobe and sink. The view is fantastic. Can be very cold during winter as radiators are suspect. Some latches on windows are broken, occasionally letting wind in. Noise from Tea Room below is minimal, but noise from closing time at the nearby Kings Arms can be disruptive. Nice fireplace.
NB7.3 XL (2 rooms) 3rd floor, facing W. View of Broad St, Old & New Bodliean. Large double window. Good. Old but very nice wooden cabinets, drawers etc. Personal fridge. Built in wardrobe and sink in bedroom. This room is reserved for the MCR President. Comprises 1 M/L sitting room and 1 S/M bedroom. View is fantastic. Noise from NB quad can be disruptive. Nice fireplace. Great furniture.
OB1.22 L Second floor, facing E. Good Curious mix including modern desk & shelving, the infamous leather “porn chair”, various armchairs, coffee table. Built in wardrobe & sink. This room is reserved for the MCR Computer Clerk. Nice view over OB quad. Facilities shared with undergraduates. Can be noisy when there are dinners etc in Hall.

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