Housing Catalogue

The aim of this catalogue is to provide basic details about rooms that may be available for you to live in during your time in Hertford MCR. Hopefully this little bit of extra information will simplify the process of checking out what accommodation Hertford has to offer, and ease the worries of those amongst us that haven’t done too well in the ballot. All is not lost! There are plenty of nice rooms available and hopefully you will get hold of one.

The catalogue is fairly basic, with rooms judged on size, view, light quality, furniture, and other relevant factors. The room sizes vary from XS (extra small) through to XL (extra large). As a point of reference, a room in the Graduate Centre was deemed representative of a medium-sized room (i.e. large enough to be comfortable and to store your stuff, but the multi-gym will have to go elsewhere). I’ve taken photographs of the various residences available to the MCR community, including several of the rooms. These should offer a handy aid for those rooms photographed, and also provide a visual benchmark for those rooms not photographed. Floor levels of course mean slightly different things in different countries. This catalogue takes Ground Floor to mean upon ground level. 1st Floor is therefore one storey high off the ground, and so forth.

We’ve tried to stay as consistent as possible throughout developing this catalogue but there may be a few slightly ‘loose’ points here and there. If we’ve included something that borders on completely false, please let the Food & Housing Officer know.

Thank you to all those who have assisted in the development of this catalogue.


Current MCR accommodation:

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