The College has a policy to endeavour to house all new graduates who apply for accommodation before 21 June of the calendar year they come into residence for the first time. We can normally house the majority of returning fee paying graduates. Returning students are entitled to a room in college accommodation after the MCR Housing Ballot which is usually carried out in Trinity Term.

The following locations house MCR students at Hertford College:

North Oxford Main Site South Oxford
8910 Winchester Road New Buildings Quad, Staircase 7 3 Western Road
57, 59, 189 and 214b Banbury Road Old Buildings Quad, Staircase 1 The Graduate Center
204 Woodstock Road

Keys may be obtained from the Lodge at any time. The rent conditions are negotiated on a yearly basis so to know the renting conditions for your accommodation please contact the College Accommodation Office or the MCR Food & Housing Officer.

There’s loads of information about all the different rooms available in our Housing Database.

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