Women’s Officer

Elisa Schramm

Hello everyone,WO

I’m a first-year human geography DPhil student. I have very much enjoyed being part of the MCR this year and therefore would love to contribute to the great work the MCR committee has been doing. I am very passionate about women’s issues, and would therefore love to represent the interests of female MCR members within the College and the University, and work closely with the Welfare and Equalities rep to make sure that the physical and mental welfare of all women in the MCR is as good as it could be. Concretely, I want to organise a Mooncup sale, make sure that there are enough sanitary products in all of the college’s public bathrooms as well as coordinate events for International Women’s Day (March 8- perhaps around women’s health issues). I am always happy to listen to your concerns and open to all your suggestions! Thanks, Elisa


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