Welfare Officer

Ranjamrittika Bhowmik



Hello! I am Ranja, a first year DPhil student in Oriental Studies (Literature, Philosophy and Religion in South Asia). This is a position that is close to my heart, as it allows me to care for your wellbeing! I would love to create a space where everyone feels equally represented and I promise to listen to all your welfare related concerns- big or small! I currently work as the president of UNICEF on Campus and have also been closely working with an NGO for rehabilitation of rural youth in India for four years. I am a music and Yoga enthusiast. On days when I am not toiling in the library, I can be found writing or doodling by the river.

Mental and physical wellbeing as well as concerns related to sexual health are going to be the priorities for the welfare team in the upcoming year and I promise to work hard to make sure none of your problems go unnoticed. I look forward to working for a healthy, happy and blissful year in the MCR! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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