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Hello Everyone,

My name is Fabrizio Romano Genovese (but you can call me Fabby/Fab/ whatever you want), 2nd year Dphil student in Computer Science. I’m doing research in the Quantum Group, that is, into things that go from Quantum Physics to Natural Language processing using a lot of nasty Mathematics. “I do Quantum shit” is the most precise statement I love to give about what I do, and represents well how much I understand of my work right now.

In the MCR I am responsible for planning and organisation of social events, going from elegant and classy soirées to big parties that have the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of moral misery to a completely new and unexplored level of disgrace. I am trying to diversify the spectrum of offered social activities as much as I can to make everyone happy and to give everyone the opportunity of making new friends, socialise and relieve the stress that is (unfortunately) typical of our academic life.

If you have complaints, suggestions et cetera just drop me an email or have a chat with me, I am nearly always the consistently overdressed guy in the crowd (and yes, the evil-emperor-styled picture is intentional).

Hope to see you soon around,

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