Too lazy to read through our freshers’ guide? Then try again, we promise you it’s worth it. If you’re still too lazy, here’s a quick list of the questions we get asked the most.

    • How do I sign up for the formal hall?

Formal hall sign-in is available online. To book, visit the college food page, then click the link at the bottom of the page marked ‘MCR/JCR Meal Booking’ to sign in with your Oxford SSO and book.
The MCR currently has been allocated 35 spots per week (and each booker can add up to three guests). Cost is still ~£8 per place.

    • How do I log onto the MCR computers?

This is done by using your university SSO login. The username will be usually be in the form of “hertXXXX” (without quotes and where the X’s are four numbers) and the password will be the same you selected and that allows you to access, among others, to your university email.

    • How do I log onto the restricted areas in the MCR website?

These accounts should be set up automatically by the MCR computer clerk as soon as possible, well in advance of when you’ll first need it to sign up for things. You normally should have received a message from the Computer Clerk telling you your access credentials and inviting you to change the access password. If you think something’s gone wrong, email the Computer Clerk for details.

    • How do I get into the MCR towers?

Upon arrival you will be given a white card that lets you access all electronic gates in College, including the MCR. If you don’t have it you probably forgot to ask the lodge for one.

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