New Students

Life can be hard when you just moved to a new place, and we know that first days in Oxford can be quite hectic between bureaucracy, hangovers, shopping and trying to find a bike…DSC_0089-1024x682

As we all care about our freshers’ and we all want you to be perfectly healthy (at least until collections) we tried to guide you with all the information you need to survive your first days in Oxford, so that you’ll have always everything under control.

In this pages you’ll find (hopefully) all the answers to your questions. Please take some time to read through them, we think they contain all the information that you need to know to start smoothly your Oxford experience. If after reading them you still have a question we didn’t answer please contact the relevant MCR Officer. If you’re unsure on who to contact then have a try with the President, she’ll know the answer (if not she’ll buy you a beer).

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