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    Sadly I will not make it back into the country for the Balliol BBQ tomorrow, so I hope someone else can take may spot. I will also send any email, but since I couldn’t find a place to cancel, I thought I would post it here as well. See you all at something else soon!

    • Hi Branden, thank you for your message. I wrote on the Facebook group that your spot is available and hopefully someone alse will take it. Thank you for letting us know!


    Is there any way I can book one more ticket for Waugh Night? If not, can take a ticket from anyone who cancels!


    Neither I nor my guests can make it to the Guest Night – I have one MCR member spot and two guests I would like to give up before they go through. Any chance someone can take them or I can be removed from the list before the tickets are confirmed?

  4. Hi, I cannot make it to guest night anymore due to being unwell. Would it be possible to reallocate mine and my guests tickets to other people, or to remove me from the list?
    Best wishes,

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