Hertford provides good recycling facilities to MCR members living in College housing, so please do make use of them. Please make sure everything you throw in a recycling bin is clean i.e. rinse out bottles and leave the greasy, cheesy pizza boxes out!

Paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, cans

Where: bin/tub in your kitchen or entrance hall.

There are recycling bins provided at all College accommodation sites for these materials.

If you’re in the Grad Centre, each floor in each block has a three-bin system: one for paper/cardboard, one for glass, and one for plastic. Each kitchen will have these unless there are two kitchens on each floor, in which case only one kitchen will. If your kitchen doesn’t have recycling facilities, look for a sign directing you to the nearest bins.

If you’re in one of the North Oxford houses, there should be a big, clearly labelled plastic tub in a communal area in your house – usually the entrance hall. If you’re not sure what you can put in this bin, the Council has a page spelling it all out.

Food waste

Where: contact the Environment Rep!

College doesn’t currently provide food waste recycling facilities, but the Council does, and I can help you sort yourself out.

If you’re living out, this is a relatively easy thing to do. Go to the Council website for more information. If you’re in the North Oxford sites, we can get you a bin to use, so get in touch with me. Unfortunately, the Council can’t cater for the Grad Centre at this time

Shopping bags

The bigger Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores have big bins for all your old plastic bags. But why not switch to reusable bags and start bringing your own instead?
Your Hertford MCR is now selling Fairtrade 100% cotton tote bags with the Hertford MCR logo on them for the low and reasonable fair trade price of £3.15 per bag!
Please contact the Environment Rep if you would like to buy them.


Where: Domestic Manager’s office in NB 1/2, or bin in Westgate Sainsbury’s, Cowley Road Tesco Metro and Sainsbury’s Local

Don’t throw your old batteries in a normal bin. Batteries are hazardous waste because they contain heavy metals which are harmful to the environment. There is a special bin for them in the Domestic Manager’s office in NB1/2. Otherwise, look for one at the front of the Westgate Sainsbury’s, Cowley Road Tesco Metro or Cowley Road Sainsbury’s Local: just pop them in your pocket on the way to the shops.

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